“Today he is Portugals new voice of Fado.“
Merian Magazine, May 2019

“One of the most fascinating fado albums, that was given to me in the last times.“
ANTENA 1, Edgar Canelas, Portugal

“Telmo Pires emerges as a new voice and image in male fado.“

“Telmo Pires conquers Lisbon“

“Once again Telmo surprised his audience with his interpretation!“
António Teixeira, Jornal Hardmusic, Portugal

“His live-performance is full of elegance, energie and devotion.“
Michael Flotho, Journalist, Germany

“The popstar among fado-singers!“
Urbanite Berlin, Germany

“Telmo Pires is a magician of his genre and a charismatic appearance on stage.” Die Welt

“There are voices which almost take shape, filling a room with physical presence. The voice of Telmo Pires is one of them. The Portugese has a magical grip on his audience..” Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany

“Telmo Pires, a singer ascending!” | Contacto, Luxemburg

“Pires is gifted with a voice that embraces your shoulders, like a warm summer breeze at the Algarve..” | Kölner Stadtanzeiger, Germany

“The Portugal-born musician embodies – also thanks to his excellent language skills – the ideal of the modern European..” | Report, Luxemburg
“Fado interpreted in a modern way. This version of Fado, developed together with his musicians, appears slendered, modern and not the least greasy. The audience got encores after long standing ovations” | Neue Westfälische, Germany

All of this is united masterly in Fado as Telmo Pires interprets it.

“Fado interpreted in a modern way, clear and not at all lame. The audience applauds for a long time and asks for an encore.” Neue Westfälische

“Certain voices assume form immediately and fill a room with their physical presence. The voice of Telmo Pires is one of them. “l, volutpat libero ornare. Scelerisque nisl sodales, enim turpis lectus sed.” Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, WAZ

“Telmo knows what he does and radiates a very special light on that stage.
The empathy between the audience and the singer is fantastic.
A profoundly well-controlled passion, an impeccably executed, extremely professional, in which Telmo generously gives the stage to his musicians. The public delirious. Your voice is not exhausted, you can not find the limit. (…)
The concert ends with standing ovations of the enthusiastic public who do not want to say goodbye to this fantastic artist and the 90 minutes of spectacle that everyone felt to pass in a breath.” Portugal Post

“More than an emerging value, Telmo Pires is already a sure value of fado, a name and a voice that must be followed with great care and attention, because I am very mistaken or there is born a new star!” João Afonso, Tradisom

“Telmo Pires presented a great quality album and live showed a posture that can make a difference in Fado.”m sit, magna eros ligula arcu ultrices leo vitae, turpis urna pharetra.” Rui Lavrador,